Thermo King Temperature Management Systems


See how to save 9 cents per mile

By Thermo King


The Thermo King TriPac Auxiliary Heating/Cooling Temperature Management System allows drivers to reduce unnecessary truck engine idling, conserve diesel fuel and save money. TriPac provides truck engine preheating, battery charging, truck cab sleeper compartment climate control and electric power.


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 •  Microprocessor control for simple operation

 •  Hybrid technology
 •  Sleeper cab cooling and heating
 •  Truck engine preheating
 •  Truck battery charging with automatic voltage sensing
 •  Noise-dampening construction for quiet operation
 •  Automatic start/stop for maximum fuel efficiency 


The TriPac HMI (Human Machine Interface) Controller is installed in the truck cab, typically on a wall in the sleeper compartment. It is easily accessible to the driver and controls TriPac operation. HMI can be customized to meet customer's specific needs.
Thermo King 2 cylinder diesel engine - EPA Tier II
1000 hour maintenance interval
 Evaporator Airflow:
250 ft³/min
HFC R-134a
TM-15 air conditioning compressor
 System Air Conditioning Capacity:
ARI STD 310/380 – Standard for Packaged Terminal Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps for the rating conditions of 80F Box, 50% humidity, and 95 degrees F ambient.
13,000 BTU/hr (3,810 kW)
 System Heating Capacity:
Fuel-fired bunk heater
7,500 BTU/hr (2,200 kW)
65 amp, 12V DC
 Weight: (approximate)
TriPac (total system) 430
  Height Width Depth
Unit 28 in 22 in 24 in
Condenser 15.2 in 22.9 in 5 in



 •  Stainless steel condenser shroud
 •  Standby options:
      •  Tractor integration
      •  Tractor integration w/dash selector switch  

 •  Chrome-plated exhaust

 •  Arctic Pkg (Temp sensing for APU block & coolant) 

 •  Extreme Arctic Package (for extreme climates)
 •  12 VDC to 120 VAC inverters
 •  High-output heater (13,600 BTU/hr)
 •  Heat shrink coolant hose clamps

And many more, please call.


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